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  • 13/08/2018 10:00
    Printing and Delivery of the NCD Early Diagnosis Handbook (NCD Handbook) and the Maternal and Child Health Book (MCH Handbook)
  • 18/04/2018 09:17
    As a follow-on step from the Workshop on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Options in December 2017, a mini-workshop is taking place in Hanoi today to finalize the plausibility study on hospital category II with Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy as a case study.
  • 13/04/2018 09:57
    Designed as a practical manual for health workers in Vietnam, the Handbook aims to raise awareness among the medical community about the importance of non-communicable diseases (NCD) prevention and risk factors as well as the role of medical doctors during periodic health examinations. In the coming months, the Handbook will be printed and made available for use in all health services in Vietnam.
  • 28/02/2018 09:03
    Contribution of the Trained Ethnic Village Birth Attendants (TEVA) in reducing maternal and neo-natal mortality rates, launched by the Ministry of Health as one of the Millennium Development Goals, were reflected at an event today.
  • 11/01/2018 09:40
    The EU Health Facility (EU-HF) in collaboration with Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted a one-day training workshop on basic health service package (BHSP) and guidelines to 39/2017/TT-BYT Circular implementation in Hai Phong today. Well attended by participants who work in both health and social insurance, and local authorities, the training workshop is designed to prepare local staff in using BHSP as a tool towards universal health insurance coverage.

National Workshop on Financing and Operational Mechanisms for the Health System

12/15/2017 12:02
A National Workshop on Financing and Operational Mechanisms for the Health System is taking place in Sa Pa city, Lao Cai province today. This workshop is organized by the Department of Planning and Finance (Ministry of Health) with the support from the EU Health Facility (EU-HF) with participation of over 300 leaders and officials from financing, accounting departments and relevant authorities throughout Vietnam. Chaired by Dr. Nguyen Nam Lien, Director of Department of Planning and Finance (Ministry of Health), the workshop is designed to introduce the pilot capitation payment model and the basic health service package. Participants are also familiarized with Decree 107/2017/TT-BTC by Ministry of Finance and other relevant regulations and guidance related to the financing and operational mechanisms in the health sector. There are presentations and reports from provinces sharing experiences and lessons learnt on the public-private partnership at the workshop.

This current workshop is the first technical meeting and the next similar one is being planned for December 22-24, 2017 in Buon Ma Thuot.
Other News
  • 12/07/2017
    The Medical Services Administration (Ministry of Health) in collaboration with the EU Health Facility (EU-HF) held the first meeting to discuss the draft framework for Medical Services Quality Management Criteria for communal health centers developed with support from EU-HF on December 6th in Hanoi. Chaired by Dr. Luong Ngoc Khue, Director of the Medical Services Administration (MSA), the meeting was well attended by more than 30 participants from relevant departments and institutions of the Ministry of Health (MOH), provincial health departments of Bac Giang, Nam Dinh, Ha Nam and Hanoi, district and communal health centers, and experts from EU-HF.
  • 12/05/2017
    The work on “Handbook on Early Detection of Non-Communicable Diseases”, a practical manual designed for grassroots-level health staff is making a good move forward. The Handbook aims to raise awareness among the medical community on the importance of non-communicable disease prevention and awareness of the risk factors as well the role of medical doctors during the periodic health examination using the Handbook as a job aid.
  • 11/10/2017
    On 25-26 October 2017, the General Department of Population and Family Planning (MoH) in collaboration with the European Union Health Facility organized a workshop on Integrating the topic of sex imbalances at birth into norms and conventions of villages, hamlets and residential areas in Hai Phong city
  • 11/10/2017
    With the participation of 16 provinces and cities, the workshop’s objective is to instruct localities to incorporate the topic of sex imbalances at birth into activities of secondary schools.
  • 07/19/2017
    On May 23-24, the EU Health Facility in cooperation with General Office for Population Family Planning organized workshop on Assessment of One-Year Implementation of the Project on Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) Imbalance Control Period 2016-2025 for Northern Provinces in Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province. The workshop was chaired by Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Tien and Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, Deputy Head of the GOPFP.
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